Of course you are entitled to have your own opinion just as I am. And I applaud you for your observation that it’s not 8th standard ( although I am curious to know why that specific standard…not 7th , not 9th but 8th?). Having said that, I have to mention that my article was more inclined towards understanding people’s reaction towards the onset of the virus, not their reaction ‘because of it’. I am sure you understand the thin line of difference between the two.
In addition to that, your categories are more focused on people’s reaction to the lock-down rather than towards the disease itself. I know, everyone of us is feeling bored and frustrated to be locked inside house 24/7 and finding out ways to amuse ourselves in this difficult time. Hence, thanks for adding the categories from that point of view. But will those categories be apt for reacting ‘towards’ Covid-19? I very well doubt that.


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